"WOPPI campus" eLearning environment

Focusing on the essentials

Many organizations are interested in utilizing the new possibilities offered by eLearning. A central problem are the construction and maintenance costs of learning environments, as well as by the lack of appropriate competence and expertise.

At the moment, on the market of eLearning there can be seen a "push" of technologies and technology-related services to the customers. The market at the moment is very much platform-driven and many players on the market assume that the procurement (let alone the development) of an own eLearning platform is absolutely the first step to take.

We oppose this technology-related mainstream view. Our objective is to make the utilization of eLearning potential as easy and fluent as possible in various organizations.

In HCI Productions Oy's new service - OPPISERVERI ("eLearning Server") - each user community is served with a tailor-made eLearning environment, founded on our WOPPI campus application. All the different users, from learners to teachers and from tutors to course administrators, can use the server with the help of only an Internet browser. We manage the learning environment with our own server. We also take care of user administration and reporting, technical maintenance, basic training for the users as well as user support. Our rates are based on monthly user-based fees.

We offer a complete turn-key solution in eLearning. At the same time we give our clients the opportunity to concentrate on generating content and guiding learners - as opposed to getting their hands dirty with technical details.

Finnish Consulting Group
National Board of Taxes (Finland)
State Employer's Office (Ministry of Finance's Personnel Department)
Project Institute Finland Ltd
Centre for Occupational Safety (Finland)
Ensto Ltd

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