ProVirtual project portal

The prevailing work form in many international companies and organizations is project work. In international projects it is typical, that the various actors in projects are working independently of time and space and physically separated from each other.

Another important feature in project work is the increasing number of actors in one project. Not only is the number of various project actors increasing, but also the projects are obliged to communicate with a number of stakeholders during the planning, implementation and follow-up of the projects. Thus the challenges in organizing effectively the project work itself are quickly increasing.

One specific challenge for project-intensive organizations is the horizontal sharing of information, experiences and knowledge gained. Most project-intensive organizations are skilled in undertaking individual projects, but they still lack methods and tools to share throughout their organization the experiences gained during the work within various projects.

The objective of the ProVirtual project portal (by HCI Productions Oy) is to make the work in project-intensive organizations and companies more effective and fluent by
  • providing all the project activities same basic tools and instruments
  • providing the individual projects with dedicated workspaces and resourcs
  • providing joint planning, follow-up, and management tools for the projects
  • providing all the projects knowledge sharing and mutual learning capabilities.
The ProVirtual project portal is also facilitating coherence in the for project-intensive organizations and companies and thus it is an elementary part of the quality approach. The benefits are effectivity in project development and implementation, efficiency in resource utilization and effectiveness in the decision-making and delivery of the products and services to customers of the projects.

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