Electronic Performance Support Systems

Contemporary changes within companies and organisations create a need for new operative methods. The geographically dispersed operations and the use of web-based methods of operation also require new tools to support them.

The basic concept behind electronic peformance support systems (EPSS) is the gathering of all the resources required in working - that is the information, training and tools needed - into the same user interface. The premise is for employees to be able to solve the problems which occur in their work in an independent manner - and for them to learn how to solve these problems independently in the future.

We have devised different electronic performance support systems, all of which have in common database-founded solutions and browser-based use. A database is a necessary prerequisite for the management of vast volumes of information, while browser-based use is a prerequisite for the broad-based use of the application and for the equal opportunity of different users to take advantage of the support system independent of time and space.

Medix Laboratoriot Oy
Center for Occupational Health (Finland)
Finnish Information Society Development Centre
MELA - Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Finland)

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