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Centre for Occupational Safety (Finland)
Finnish Information Society Development Centre
Helsinki Consulting Group
MELA - Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Finland)
Medix Laboratoriot Oy
National Board of Taxes (Finland)
OKO Bank Group
Project Institute Finland Ltd
State Employer's Office (Ministry of Finance's Personnel Department)
Development milestones

Human Capital Investment Oy is a consultancy company created in 1985. Since 1993, its activities have focused on the execution of training, evaluation and consulting projects for companies and communities. Clients of the training and consulting activities of Human Capital Investment Oy included Kone Elevators, FTP International, Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Clients of the company's training programme evaluation work have included the Finnish Ministry of Labour, the European Commission and Uniscience Ltd.

During its activities, Human Capital Investment Oy was able to refine its know-how, especially in the areas of teaching and training technologies. At the end of the 1990's, its focus shifted even more clearly towards the creation of solutions - not just consulting and evaluation. The common denominator behind these solutions took the shape of databases as a basis for solutions and browser-based user interfaces.

HCI Productions Oy was created in the spring of 1998. The company was born as a spin-off company of Human Capital Investment Oy, and the production of web-based learning performance systems were transferred under its administration. Models for learning performance solutions have been created based on the extensive consulting and evaluation experience of Human Capital Investment Oy, and HCI Productions has turned these models into practical applications.

The companies continue to work in close co-operation with another. The emphasis Human Capital Investment Oy is still today in consultancy and evalution, while HCI Productions Oy concentrates on creating solutions and applications.