2006-12-05 : Year 2007 will be a training year for eLearning Quality

HCI Productions to plan and deliver eLearning Quality training

HCI Productions works as a partner of the Finnish eLearning Centre in a ESF project, which aims to strengthen the eLearning quality approach. In late Spring and early Autumn 2007 in all six training sessions will be delivered. The aim is to train both eLearning Quality Mark assessors as well as various companies, organizations and educational institutions.

“This is an excellent opportunity to mainstream and distribute the work we started with the Finnish eLearning Centre in 2005. We have now established the eLearning Quality criteria, and now we can also prepare adequate learning materials and train key people to carry the quality message to various organizations”, states Mr. Ari-Matti Auvinen, Senior Partner of HCI Productions.