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customer references
Centre for Occupational Safety (Finland)
Finnish Information Society Development Centre
Helsinki Consulting Group
MELA - Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Finland)
Medix Laboratoriot Oy
National Board of Taxes (Finland)
OKO Bank Group
Project Institute Finland Ltd
State Employer's Office (Ministry of Finance's Personnel Department)
Basic approach

- focusing on human capital -

HCI Productions Oy's basic approach to work can be described as the fusion of human capital with technological know-how. Our experience of several years in the development of learning performance solutions and the understanding of the working processes of different organisations is enhanced by our strong technological know-how. Our challenge is for both areas to develop rapidly - for the growth of the human capital of organisations to accelerate and for the birth of new information technologies to continue to produce new possibilities. Our mission is the creation, with the help of advanced information technologies, of new tools and methods for the controlling and development of the expertise of different organisations.

Our basic solutions are browser-operated, database-founded solutions. Database-founded solutions allow for the easy maintenance of information, bringing it up to date, enriching it and elaborating on it. Our objective is for our clients to move from the mere reproduction of information to its refinement. Developed organisations change their form and their functions - an integral requirement is the creation of new possibilities of the utilisation and refinement of know-how for different users. A browser-based user interface makes possible the extensive distribution of a solution. Without exception, all of our solutions can be used via browsers - this is crucial in permitting an independence of time and place as well as in providing a comprehensive service for different types of clientele.