2005-04-21 : HCI Productions Oy finalized the preparatory project on "eLearning Quality Mark"

The Finnish eLearning Quality Mark moves from planning to implementation

The Association of Finnish eLearning Centre initiated in late 2004 a preparatory project on Finnish eLearning Quality Mark. Based on competitive bidding, HCI Productions Oy and its Senior Partner, Mr. Ari-Matti Auvinen, was chosen to implement the preparatory project.

The work in the preparatory project included the wide desk research undertaken by Mr. Auvinen as well as the leadership in the four expert panels, which discussed the following sub reports:
- Benchmarking report on eLearning quality systems and quliaty marks
- Key criteria for the eLearning quality mark
- Key processes of the eLearning quality mark
- Business plan for the eLearning quliaty mark.

All the material has been published on the web site on the Association of Finnish eLearning Centre (http://www.eoppimiskeskus.net) in Finnish and during the EDEN conference also an English summary will be distrubuted of the results and outcomes of the project.