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Consulting services

We provide also a selection of training and consultancy services for our customers. These services range from training-the-trainers sessions to wider development projects.

We provide tailored training seminars e.g. in the following areas:
  • eLearning and organizational changes
  • Authoring eLearning courses
  • Tutoring eLearning learners.
In course and content creation we undertake also wide "capacity building" projects with our customers. Our strong view is that the one of the success factors of eLearning in organizations is the sufficient critical mass of courses and materials available. It is also obvious that in most cases companies and organizations can not rely (due to cost, schedule etc. factors) only on external providers. We support the capacity building of eLearning course authoring within the companies and organizations by provision of training sessions and by consultancy services. We provide courses and consultancy for the tutoring and support processes.

We have also written "house-style manuals" for our customers. The house-style manual provides the common basis for dispersed eLearning course provision, defining the policies of content authorting, content structure, content flow, graphical design etc. The house-style manual includes also easy-to-use check lists and other common tools.

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